Gut Check Championship Series Crowns a New Champ!

A back and forth title battle between Jason Stephens and Anthony Del Cid!

A back and forth title battle between Jason Stephens and Anthony Del Cid!

I.B.F Promotions: Gut Check Championship Series did it YET AGAIN! Another phenomenal night of K1 and Muay Thai ensued with a vacant title at stake to top off the evenings main event . From top to bottom, start to finish, Gut Check Championship Series had the fans on their feet and begging for more; yet again!

In the main event of the evening, Jason Stephens took on Anthony Del Cid for the vacant 137lb K1 title. From the gate Stephens couldn’t seem to figure out Del Cid’s leg kicks and ate quite a few in the process. Stephens made his way coming forward throughout the rounds, but ultimately seemed timid to commit to some of his combinations. Stephens owned the first of the 4 rounds, but was shut down by Del Cid’s aggressiveness and ability to mix up his strikes. Del Cid was able to throw Stephens off long enough to close the fight and take home the unanimous decision and a new piece of hardware.

Discussing the contest with both fighters, Del Cid said, “The fight played out just as I expected it to. I bought all of his fights and studied him, I new he was going to be a hard fight because he has a great coach in Greg Pritchett. I felt like I could have done better though.”

Ornella Sathoud clearly won “Stoppage of the Night” as she was on cruise control from opening bell to close. She systematically listened to her coach, Greg Pritchett, and his words were immediately executed. She pieced together her combinations extremely well with mixed kicks to the mid section and legs which confusedher opponent with what was to come next. Ultimately, it was her advanced boxing that dictated the contest as she would land combinations on her opponent in the upward of 5, 6, or 7 piece unanswered combos ,which lead to several standing 8 counts. Eventually, the referee saw enough one sided and unanswered punishment and called a stop to the contest as she got the TKO stoppage in the 3rd round.

Discussing her Stoppage of the Night honors, Sathoud said, “I went into cruise control very quickly. As soon as I received the first punch in the face, then I did what we trained for. It feels AMAZING! You don’t have the anxiety of waiting for the judges’ decision. It’s an instant gratification feeling. I’m really proud of myself for a first fight and I’m super thankful to my coach Professor Greg Pritchett. He knows what he’s doing. This fight definitely deepens the trust I have in him”.

Maggie Tappitake was an absolute firecracker from start to finish when she took on Rebecca Bryggman. She was sweet and innocent looking, yet DEADLY in the ring! Tappitake wasn’t able to score the stoppage which many people thought she should’ve gotten although Bryggman didn’t have anything to stop her power. When Rebecca WOULD land on Maggie, the onslaught was as if it never happened. Maggie did an amazing job and gained A LOT of fans that night, as well as easily earning her “Performance of the Night” honors.

Maggie spoke on her dominant performance stating, “This was one of the toughest camps I have had so far since I started fighting. I was hoping to perform in the fight the way I have been training and I felt that definitely happened. So much can happen when you step into the ring that maintaining control of yourself and the fight is hard to predict. In this fight particular, I tried to just remember that my preparation was very strong and to have fun! There aren’t many women in the 100-105 lb weight bracket, so I have a lot of respect for Rebecca for taking the fight. Our styles were different and this time around I felt really proud of my performance”.

Our co-main event and “Fight of the Night” performance showcased I.B.F Promotion’s veteran Malik “Superman” Joe facing Dan Champa in an absolute war. What makes this match up even better is these two gladiators KNEW how much the fans expected out of this fight going into the battle. They both made it a point to state BEFORE the fight that it’ll be “Fight of the Night”. They were as friendly as could possibly be before and during the contest. As a matter of fact they were both staring at each other with a grin during the referee’s rules with Malik chuckling stating “Lets do it, baby!”, and Champa eagerly in agreement. They knew what the fans wanted to see and were genuinely excited to deliver which is something we at I.B.F Promotions pride ourselves on… Proper fights for the fans with the brotherhood of combat involved proves this fight was without a doubt, fight of the night.

Joe vs Champa was a competitive match up which deserved all the attention it received. These two competitors have been in title contention for quite some time and finally met in the squared circle. There was nothing short of fireworks from the gate. Champa showcasing his solid Thai technique as well as his flashy aerial tactics. Joe kept it gritty and ”looking” for a fight and stayed the aggressor. It was an interesting clash of styles and the obvious fan favorite as both fighters brought the best and worst out of each other. It was a beautiful, yet competitive match up in which both fighters put it all on the line and had fun doing so for their own sake, and the crowds anticipation. Champa started out on a great winning streak and tried to keep his head held high while Joe stayed the more active fighter through the contest landing the cleaner strikes and trips. Champa had his moments landing cleanly and surprised Joe with many of his uncommon striking tactics. From the fan’s perspective both fighters came out on top but unfortunately as usual only one fighter can win. In an amazing contest and exciting co-main event, Malik “Superman” Joe took a Unanimous Decision.

Joe discussed his Fight of the Night win stating, “This was my best performance and I felt it all the way through.  I worked on my ego and everything inside to defeat my opponent on the outside.  I was always capable of doing this good.  I was always mentally blocked and not focused on the task at hand. I was extremely proud of myself and knew down to the score card I was the better fighter that day and it felt amazing actually having fun with someone like Dan.  Everything was an honor!”

It was an excellent night for the promotion, the fighters, coaches, teams, and the fans who steadily support regional stand-up fighting. We couldn’t maintain our shows without all of our amazing fighters, fans, and sponsors, and the great passion held which helps a beautiful sport that continues to grow. Stay tuned to and for any and all updates surrounding our promotion as well as the news for our next show. We’ll see you soon!



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