Team MVJ Planning to Storm the WKA and Golden Gloves Tournament

Team MVJ ready to take gold at the WKA and Golden Gloves Tournaments!

Team MVJ ready to take gold at the WKA and Golden Gloves Tournaments!

Team MVJ of Newark, DE. has many hopefuls who are primed, conditioned, focused, and more importantly, ready as they enter battle in a couple weeks for the gold medals and belts in two of the most world renowned tournaments today. Team MVJ plans to invade the WKA National tournament on March 20th-22nd in Richmond, Virginia in hopes to advance to the WKA world tournament, as well as the Pennsylvania Golden Gloves tournament starting on February 28th.

All fighters competing should be on notice! Team MVJ fighters are coming for nothing short of championship value to further their craft and represent their team to the best of their ability.  As well as showcase what they’ve trained for through blood, sweat, and tears.

The start of the storm begins with the World Kickboxing Association (WKA) tournament in the month of May.  The WKA tournament has earned it’s title of one of the world’s best Kickboxing, Muay Thai, Glory rules, as well as MMA promotion/tournaments that has boasted some of the best talent from all over the globe, both amateur and pro.  This year, MVJ fighter Jason Stephens will enter the tournament weighing in at 143 lbs. fighting under Glory rules.  Fatima “The MVJ Rose” Scott will also be representing Team MVJ in the WKA Nationals this year coming in at a solid 118.8 lbs, also fighting under Glory rules.  Both fighters look to be in top shape lately, with the team anxiously awaiting to see these talents in their upcoming performances.

MVJ has two cross training athletes ready for gold in the MMA circuit at the WKA tournament.  Hopeton Stewart (170 lbs.), competing in the open division, is piecing his striking together with Team MVJ, and getting his grappling training closer to home at Team Balance: Dover.  Ryan Casey (170 lbs.) represents Team Coalition (Triple Threat/MVJ) in the novice division.  Casey is a dedicated Yamasaki BJJ  practitioner, and we look forward to seeing him utilize those skills in the contest/s.  Both fighters are ready and eager to make a stamp, and bring some new hardware home for their efforts and successes.

Several boxers will be representing Team MVJ in the Pennsylvania Golden Gloves tournament starting as of February28th.  Aspiring fighters battle for their potential spot on Team USA in the Olympics.  Many of today’s greatest boxers have discovered their successes after their performances within the Golden Gloves tournament and then moving to the Olympics.  These Team MVJ fighters have that exact aspiration as well.  One of Team MVJ’s representing boxers in this year’s Golden Gloves tournament is Schmelle Baldwin (178 lbs.) who is the team’s only female boxer for the tournament this year.  Brandon Mullins will be fighting in the 178 lb. division.  Adonis Wilkins will be representing his team in the 141 lb. division.  Joe Budrow will enter the tournament at 132 lbs.  Last but surely not least is Zy Britt who will make his way to the to the tournament weighing in at 123 lbs.

Team MVJ always comes ready and the fighters, as well as the audience should expect a great show in the upcoming tournaments! These fighters refuse to be broken and all aspire to come home as champions while conducting themself in the utmost of professional manner. Be sure to follow your teammates and favorite fighters to wish them the best of luck in their journeys. MVJ will be representing The Golden Gloves and The WKA National tournament with vicious intent! Be sure to follow further updates on MVJ, the WKA tournament, and Golden Gloves tournament at the links below.



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