Gut Check is Back!

1622327_724708540896837_1393728788_oThat’s right! Gut Check Championship Series returned, and was hosted Februrary 8th at the Delaware Sports Plex. That night we saw vicious knockouts, back and forth brawls, and some technical and methodical bouts. In addition, we saw 4 title fights! However, what we didn’t see was one single boring fight, as IBF Promotions delivers, yet again!
The second fight of the evening was one of the most notable bouts of the evening by ending in a beatdown of a stoppage. Malik Joe (New World MMA) took on Ray Rozay (Lions Den) in a 165 pound clash. From the opening bell it seemed Joe had Rozay’s number essentially with his speed. Joe was able to get off his clean punches transitioning into his kick combinations completely outclassing Rozay. “This was the tallest fighter I’ve ever been in the ring with. I felt confident in my abilities.” Joe said. Continuing with: “When we started squaring off, I threw some faint jabs and noticed his retreat. Then I came in with a hard 1-2, and noticed he was shaken up.” It was then Joe variated his strikes to test his “Thai kick to inside leg.” Joe recollected: “He still hadn’t thrown a punch (at that point), and he backed up again and I took flight for the flying knee” which caught his foe in the mid section stopping him in his tracks, followed by a right hook on the way down. “I was ready to get right back on him, then I saw him shake his head ‘no’ and I got chills!” So concluded the lone knockout of the night as Malik Joe stops Ray Rozay in the first round.
Out first title bout of the evening was a junior Thai title fight which took place at 75lbs. Daniel Diaz (Sitan Gym) took on Jake Tapia (Valero Muay Thai). These young men set the pace for the adult fighters later on the card with their ferocity, tenacity, and willing to push the pace. From start Diaz was able to dictate the fight with his jab-cross-left hook combo’s. Diaz being the taller of the two was also able to use his legs to keep distance. While these to junior warriors clinched, it was Tapia attempting to throw vicious shots to the body, but Diaz was able to capitalize on his opponent by brutal knees to the mid section finishing with the trip. From start to finish these warriors displayed their heart trying to outscore their foe. In the end, Diaz was too much for Tapia on all of the scorecards and added yet, another title to his stacked arsenal.
Entering our main card, Steve Covington (Upper Darby) faced Ryan Grassie (North East Karate) for the 172 pound championship belt. Both fighters are familiar in our promotion, as well as each other. They’ve seen each other on the local circuit, but never had faced one another, until this evening. They didn’t waste time and upon touching gloves they methodically assessed each other, weighing out their options for their next attack. Trading back and forth for 5 rounds, Steve Covington emereged the winner, and 172 pound champion! Covington recollects: “Round one was my round. I went out and fought like I normally would. Round two and on, I was extremely sloppy and I did more brawling than fighting, and that’s not how I was trained.” Although happy with winning the title, Covington couldn’t help but pick apart his performance saying: “I was hit with too many punches that I could see coming from a mile away.” Although, proud on claiming his gold strap, Covington says: I feel great to be an I.B.F Champ! It has been a long time goal of mine!”
In the Co-Main event of the evening, Brima Kamara (Jacks Kickboxing Gym) faced Steve Eilola (Top Flight Gym) for the 165 pound Muay Thai championship. Eilola stepped in last minute for an injured Spencer Grekoski. From the opening bell Kamara was able to pick his shots be it punch combos or his kicks to keep his foe at bay. Eiola would come forward with some flashy spinning heel kicks to keep the entertainment flowing, but it was Kamara whom dictated the pace from opening bell to close. Kamara claimed about his performance: “I’d give my performance a C. I could’ve done a lot better. For the most part I was comfortable. I wish there were more rounds because I’m the type of fighter that likes to spend early rounds breaking my opponents down and going for the finish later. Finalizing with the 165 pound champ, I was curious what was next for him and being the I.B.F champ, he claimed: “I love fighting with you guys. I’ve made most of my fighing career with you. I just want to be the best out there, and stay at the top of the game, God willing. Brima went on to address his original scheduled opponent Spencer Grekoski saying: “I wouldn’t mind fighting Spencer so long as it’s for the title. I’d be more interested in fighting him than anyone else.”
In our main event. Tim Amorim (Sitan Gym) faced Matt Colachino (North East Karate) for the 143 pound Thai title. If I was able to give a fight of the night performance, I’d give it to these two gentlemen. While Colachino pressed the action with his non stop punch combinations for most of the fight, Amorim was there to counter strike with his knees, kicks, as well as sweeps. Each round was razor thin as either combatant could’ve taken the title. In the end it was Amorim who got the nod with the decision and claims the 143 pound gold.
Gut Check Championship Series was an enormous success. We had new crowned champions hungry to defend their hard earned gold, as well as hungry up and comers willing to sacrafice life and limb for a shot in the spotlight. Join us again on April 26th for Gut Check Championship Series. Our finalized card will follow. We thank all the fans, sponsors, and most of all, the fighters. See you all in April!



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