Dave “One Two” Murray Scores 3rd Round TKO in Pro Debut

Murray Scores the 3rd Round TKO

Murray Scores the 3rd Round TKO

“When going into my first pro fight, I was just thinking I had to win by any means necessary.” The grueling training was over, the stage was set, and Dave “One Two” Murray was physically and mentally ready to embark on his first boxing bout in front of a packed house in Philadelphia, PA on October 23rd, 2013. Murray was the 4th fight on the card for Champions of Tomorrow promotion and Murray eagerly awaited his time in the spotlight. With hands wrapped, gloves applied, and strong anticipation for those lights to dim, his music finally hit the speakers so he could make his first pro walk to the ring and step through those ropes; yearning for a win.

The man of the hour made that walk and was game for the first bell to sound. After that first “ding” it was all business for this professional as he and his opponent, Mike Moore traded jabs in the center of the ring to find their own distance. It wasn’t long before Murray was able to utilize his reach in landing the more solid jabs which were setting up for his heavy straight and overhand rights. Murray’s foe was smaller, yet heavier than Murray who had to actually gain weight for this bout he recalls: “It was very hard at first (to gain the weight), but Shihan Greg Pritchett and I got a meal plan together and we maintained it and I was able to gain a healthy 5 pounds.” As the first round progressed, it was Murray’s jabs that set these two combatants apart and really showed Murray’s fluent understanding of keeping distance and evading. Round 1 was dictated by his opponent Moore eating jabs and the occasional hook. He was hardly able to land a solid shot, yet continued to come forward and chase Murray for the duration around.

As round 2 begins, both fighters stand in the middle of the ring feinting and trying to lure the other to make a single mistake to capitalize on when Moore comes charging forward with an onslaught of punches which forces Murray into a neutral corner with little damage done before the referee breaks them apart. The fighters return to the center of the ring and trade combinations as Murray continues to work his lateral movement and keep distance with his jab. He states, “Once my jab started to connect Shihan told me to stay calm and keep using the jab.” Randomly Moore would land a shot that hardly fazed Murray, as this fight was easily shaping into being Murray’s for the taking. Toward the end of the second round, with his opponent’s constant forward movement, Murray seemingly found his “go to” and signature combination being his “1-2” (or Jab-Straight), as he began landing it at will and slowly started to stop his foe in his tracks just as the round came to a close.

As proven effective throughout the entire evening, by Round 3 Murray started pumping his jab yet again only this round Moore began to use more head movement early on to evade Murray’s attempts. Moore yet again charged in with looping punches as Murray’s range became too much for him to bear. Moore’s corner was yelling “Earn your way in” which he was clearly trying but failing to do. The round didn’t last too long as Murray continued with his “1-2” combination, and finished the fight before the half way mark by a jab, jab, right cross combo that sent Moore to the canvas. Moore struggled to get up which was enough for the referee to see to as he called the bout to a halt. MVJ’s boxing captain David “One Two” Murray scored his first professional win via TKO.

The immediate future in the ring is uncertain for Murray but he states “My plans are just to rest up and get back in the gym. Shihan will see what’s out there, but I’ll stay ready.” With a near flawless debut win like Murray’s debut, he is surely high off of the emotion and the power of such a spectacular first outing. Reliving his triumphant first pro victory Murray says “Getting a stoppage in my first pro fight was a blessing that was a result of hard work and help from my team/teammates.” Murray finally concluded about his victory stating “When the ref waved it off, all I was thinking was ‘We did it!”



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