Ring Wars 12: First Show With WKA a Huge Success!

Sean Suvie

Sean “Fast Hands” Suvie eager to get back in the ring after a year long layoff.

Ring Wars 12 from IBF Promotions presented us with yet another breath-taking night of fights that were sure to leave fans thirsty for more. Ring Wars 12 was the first sanctioned card held under the WKA. Being such a world renowned sanctioning body, we aimed to please both the fighters and spectators who were present. Oddly enough though, this card just may have been our “greenest” to date as far as fighter’s experience goes. It was hard to believe how much exploding energy and passion was portrayed from this new raw talent as well as seeing the packed house with enthusiastic fight loving fans. Although one can usually pick out particular fans in the stands cheering for their home fighters and/or gyms, it was certainly the polar opposite at Ring Wars 12. From start to finish, top to bottom, the crowd was on their feet. Spectators were hanging on every punch, kick, and knee that our talented roster of fighters had on display.

The event kicked off with several entertaining and aggressive exhibition bouts that could have left a scoring judge scratching his head. Although they showed the utmost respect by restraining the urge to put too much pressure on their opponents, these exhibitions were just as exciting and promising as the actual scored fights held that night.

The first judged bout of the evening was a K1 rules fight between Sean “Fast Hands” Suvie (MVJ) and Daniel DeWysockie (MacKenzie & Yates Martial Arts). This fight had the fans erupting on their feet before either opponent exchanged a strike. Both had roaring and supportive groups on their sides so these men did what they knew best and went to war. Suvie just happened to have an interesting and unknown story going into this bout. “Fast Hands” was coming back from a year long ACL injury which required surgery and an extended rehabilitaion time. All of this, however, wasn’t a factor at all as Suvie came out swinging his “fast hands” and landing, almost at will. His smooth footwork helped him stay evasive and out of immediate danger. He was able to stay in the pocket when he needed to and use head movement which would fool some to think he had a 6th sense to detect forthcoming danger, some might say similar to Spider Man. In the end, Suvie walked out of the ring proud of his year long endeavor battling his own body with a unanimous decision saying “It was one of the best feelings I’ve had so far to take the decision. Especially almost an exact year from my first fight”. Suvie went on to thank his teammates and his parents whom he says he “owes everything to”.

The “Fight of the Night” honors went to Mike Legg (MVJ) and James Gregory (Cool Hearts). These gentlemen had a back and forth exchange that had Legg down for the count in the first round. He came back strong in the second and third round to wobble his foe of the evening several times and eventually flooring him to even the score. These amazing fighters had a back and forth exchange until the final bell. In the end the bout was scored with a majority draw. Both fighters were disappointed in not winning, but both competitors proved they were there for victory in their performance. Rest assured, they put on a fast paced show that left an impact on not only the crowd, but the evening as a whole. I spoke to Mike “Killer” Legg after the fight as he stated “I don’t like draws. No one does, and yeah, I think I did enough to win. I was touching him more than he was touching me. I was making him miss a lot…But I guess I could have been busier”. Legg stated that his competitor was tough and he wished him all the best.

With the main event falling out at the last minute, I’d say the “main event” for the fans included each exciting fight that preceded the next. Words can’t truly describe what its like being around these intense athletes before their time to shine. The easiest way I can attempt to describe the atmosphere is the age old expression “the calm before the storm”. These athletes give up so much of their lives for a few minutes inside those ropes with the hope of claiming what they believe is rightfully theirs. And yet while in their respective dressing rooms, one could never truly fathom how these fighters bear the potential of multiple injuries that might lurk just around the corner and a few minutes away. Make no mistake about it, once these young men and women step inside that ring, you can expect an all out fight; a brawl til the end. No exceptions, no excuses, they’ve come to accomplish one goal, and are willing to go through hell to achieve that particular goal.

As always, we at IBF promotions have nothing but respect and hold our fighters in the highest regards with appreciation to every drop of sweat that hits our canvas, and every strike attempted within our ropes. We greatly appreciate the WKA for giving us the opportunity to represent such a prestigious organization. We hope you will join us April 20th, 2013 for Ring Wars 13 at the Boys and Girls Club of Bear, DE with our Co-main event featuring Nick Capparelli vs Paul Miller for our 179lb Muay Thai title. Our main event scheduled for the evening will be Omar “Ozone” Fowler vs Keith Coleman for our 195lb Muay Thai title. We promise fireworks in these upcoming bouts so you certainly don’t want to miss out!



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