Marcus Lott Turns To Modern Vee Jitsu In Preparation for NFL Return

marcuslottMarcus Lott ( Costal Carolina football standout and former N.Y. Jet, has turned to Modern Vee Jitsu Athletics to begin his trek back to the NFL. Marcus, a 22 year old Academic All-American and one of the most skilled players at both the Safety and Corner positions in the country, has integrated the Modern Vee Jitsu Training System into his daily regimen. “The P.T.S. concept alone has already given me the advantage I was seeking,” says Marcus.

Modern Vee Jitsu training has dominated the sports scene since its inception at CW Post College nearly 34 years ago. Its training system has turned out more division one college and professional athletes than any other martial arts system in the country.“Modern Vee Jitsu has always been heads above other martial arts systems in its training development” says Dr. Robert Evans, Medical physician and Grand Master of the Modern Vee Jitsu System, of the Vee Jitsu Systems of Systems. Dr Evans also states, Professor Kenn Brown who is the Founder of CW Post College Modern Vee Club (EST 1979) has always mandated that his students and especially Dr.Evans understand the scientific and academic aspect of athletic training. Those concepts that were developed 33 years ago and counting are still utilized in all aspects of the Modern Vee Jitsu Curriculum.

Chief instructor and director of the Modern Vee Jitsu educational curriculum Greg Pritchett adds,” MVJ Training has a traditional conceptual feel to it. Our plyometrics training can be directly traced back to the German and Russian applications that dominated the athletic scene and the world Olympics for many years.” Grandmaster Evans, who played professional basketball in Germany, was taught these jump exercises by several of the top Russian and German Olympic trainers during his professional career. Professor Kenn Brown, who also spent a considerable amount of time in Germany preparing Grand Master Evans for his upcoming seasons, adopted these concepts to make Modern Vee Jitsu more effective.

Modern Vee Jitsu Training continues to move its students towards perfection and excellence. If you are interested in training in the Modern Vee Jitsu System of Systems please contact our headquarters in Newark, Delaware (Modern Vee Jitsu Athletic Training Center) for more information. Please be advised there are those who claim to be part of the Modern Vee Jitsu Federation and sanctioned to teach Modern Vee Jitsu but have no authority or background to do so. Before choosing any program making these claims, contact our headquarters for verification.

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About Sensei Alex Urbanik

Sensei Alex has been training in the martial arts since January of 2000. He currently has his first degree black belt in Kung Fu and Modern Vee Jitsu. He was also a competitive rower at the University of Delaware as a member of their nationally ranked lightweight program from 2001-2004.